September 2011
By Joanna Barsh and Lareina Yee
Leaders who are serious about getting more women into senior management need a hard-edged approach to overcome the invisible barriers holding them back.

Despite significant corporate commitment to the advancement of women’s careers, progress appears to have stalled. The percentage of women on boards and senior-executive teams remains stuck at around 15 percent in many countries, and just 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

The last generation of workplace innovations—policies to support women with young children, networks to help women navigate their careers, formal sponsorship programs to ensure professional development—broke down structural barriers holding women back. The next frontier is toppling invisible barriers: mind-sets widely held by managers, men and women alike, that are rarely acknowledged but block the way.

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7 Responses to Changing companies’ minds about women

  1. Thank you for writing this.
    It seems to me that it is still a man’s world and the mindset that pervades our world about the role of women is still alive and well.
    What is interesting is that so called H.R. “partners” in organizations, who should assertively advocate for women’s succession, often succumb to the whims of the mostly male boards or management teams; H.R. Is complicit in this dicriminatory practice. H.R. professionals have not concretely demonstrated, in my view, the courage and muscle necessary to begin breaking the glass/invisible barrier, in real and measurable ways.

  2. Hellen Gray says:

    Appreciated the share!

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