Save Your Inner Tortoise! Learn how to cross the finish line joyful and satisfied
by Carol Courcy

I recommend this newly published book by Carol Courcy. Carol was one of my mentor coaches during the Newfield Coach Training Program I recently completed. This book is a practical guide to teaching you how to become emotionally agile. She defines emotional agility as “the ability to enter and exit emotions with skill, ease, and intentionality.” It is a simple and brilliant way to learn how to become more emotionally intelligent. This book is great for someone who tends to stay in negative emotions like resentment or resignation too long and for us perfectionist types who are high achievers and get frustrated when we can’t do everything! The book helps you become aware of your metaphorical emotional wardrobe. What emotions do you tend to use frequently and what aren’t available?  My work with Carol and in reading this book has helped me develop a more positive and joyful emotional wardrobe which has resulted in me feeling more energized, productive, and successful.

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