What Got You Here Won't Get You There

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
by Marshall Goldsmith

I am recommending Marshall Goldmsmith’s book, What Got you Here Won’t Get You There. Marshall Goldsmith is viewed as one of corporate America’s preeminent exctuive coaches. He has a Ph.D from UCLA and is on the faculty of the execuive education program at Darmtmouth Colege’s Tuck School of Business. He has worked with more than eighty CEOs around the world.

This book is for leaders who want to be more likeable. The book focuses on the key habits you need to break to become more a more effective and likeable leader. I enjoyed the book because it has a bit of an attitude in that it makes fun of leaders with slightly oversized egos, shares some great stories, and offers practical advice. For example, one of the chapters is titled, “Enough about You.” This book is a good one if you want to move beyond youself and get to a place where you can be a leader who is viewed as a great leader because she/he builds a strong team and treats people with respect. Enjoy!


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