Lean In

by Sheryl Sandberg





The current Facebook COO and former Google executive has written a “sort of feminist manifesto” (as she writes in the book)  urging women to be more assertive in their professional ambitions.  She laments that her generation of women (she is around 42 years old) are not going to achieve parity at the leadership level with men.  Drawing upon  her experiences, extensive research studies, and keen insights, she dissects the causes of real-life career roadblocks and empowers women to “lean in” to reach their full potential

Why I like this book is because Sheryl reveals her own vulnerabilities, fears, and mistakes.   I find Sheryl’s approach refreshing as she makes herself approachable and real to everyone.  As someone who has conducted interviews with women leaders, read many books about women leaders, and heard them speak (Hilary Clinton, Carly Fiorina, and Condoleza Rice to name a few), I have never seen a woman leader bare so much of her personal views and foibles. Sheryl’s gift in writing this book is her main message that  being an imperfect human being  is enough to make you successful.  As someone who calls herself a perfectionist in recovery, Sheryl shares many studies and great words of advice.  My favorite is a quote from Gloria Steinem (yes Sheryl pays homage to one of the original feminists!) who says, “You can’t do it all.  No one can have two full-time jobs, have perfect children and cook three meals and be multi-orgasmic ’til dawn..superwoman is the adversary of the women’s movement.”

If you are a woman who is struggling succeed, an executive who wants a diverse workforce, a man who wants to stay home with his kids, this book is for you!  Enjoy the stories, get inspired, and then join the Lean-in Groups around the country.


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