Why CEO's Fail by David L. Dotlich and Peter C. Cairo

Why CEOs Fail: the 11 behaviors that can derail your climb to the top – and how to manage them
by David L. Dotlich and Peter C. Cairo

This book is based on extensive research about what can derail leaders, explaining the 11 most common potential derailers (or personal traits) and how to manage them.  Leaders are vulnerable to their derailers, given that they are constantly under a lot of stress and pressure. What I really liked is that the authors describe their goal is to NOT just eliminate these derailers. We all have them and they are part of our personality; every trait has its positive and negative qualities.  The problems arise with being unaware of the trait, denying its existence or failing to see its downside.  This book provides inspiration and tactics around the idea that being aware of your derailers and managing your self-destructive traits will help allow your strengths to emerge.  I learned to see my various challenges from perfectionism to mischievousness in a different light and was provided with steps to reduce their negative impact.  Stop being blindsided or chastising yourself for your derailers and join the human race of successful imperfection!



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