Facilitated by Kathryn Mayer


To provide executive coaches with the strategies and techniques outlined by Joel DeLuca in his book, Political Savvy: Systematic Approaches to Leadership Behind-the-Scenes for their use with coaching clients and not for the purpose of training others.  This session will be based on the seminar derived from Joel’s book:  “Organizational Savvy: How to Make an Impact” which includes using case studies to enhance understanding.  Special focus will be on dealing with Machiavellians and common political challenges. Participants will be certified to use the trademarked Mapping Tools from the workshop.

Overview:  “Organizational Savvy: How to Make an Impact”

This intriguing seminar is based on research that originated at Yale and tracked successful individuals in large organizations from 1985 to 2005. Studies show that there are clear characteristics which distinguish professionals who achieve positive impact on a large scale from their less influential counterparts.  The program examines the following techniques as critical for consistent success:  presenting new ideas or different points of view; developing a base of support; and, reducing risk in large organizations.  You will learn how high impact corporate professionals work behind the scenes to gain acceptance of their ideas by colleagues and influence leaders within their organization.

Pre-work:  Read Political Savvy by Joel Deluca.  Participants can purchase the book at a special discount of $14.95 at www.politicalsavvy.com.  The code to get the additional discount through Political Savvy website is “Feb9”.  The coupon gets applied on the last step of the checkout process. After you fill in the billing address, choose shipping option, coupon code Feb9 (or feb9) and click Apply Coupon, and then enter your credit card number to finish the order.

Dates and Location:  130 East 59th (11th floor) on February 9th at 5:30 p.m.

Audience:  6 – 10 executive coaches

Costs:  $225
(certification, mapping tool, and an option to continue on and become a certified trainer)



5:30 – Networking

5:45 – Opening, introductions and participant objectives

6:00 – Milford Case study and debrief

6:45 – Break and light dinner

7:00 – Review of the answer to the Case Study; Key Savvy Strategies including dealing with MACHs

7:45– Review the Mapping Tool, strategic networking examples, and how to operationalize these techniques with coaching clients; large and small group discussions

8:30 – 8:45 –W rap-up and review of participant objectives and final questions


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