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NEW! Hear Kathryn in action on Women's Radio and see her on Youtube!
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Hear Kathryn in action!

Collaborative Competition: A Woman's Guide to Succeeding while Competing The new book by Kathryn Mayer COLLABORATIVE COMPETITIONTM: A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO SUCCEEDING BY COMPETING is on the shelves!

Kathryn Mayer, a 20-year leadership development executive and former top amateur tennis player, believes that mastering competition is the key to success. She has developed a proprietary leadership model, Collaborative CompetitionTM, a skill set that leverages women's strengths as collaborators. Kathryn coaches you through exercises and examples which she has gathered from extensive interviews and experience with women leaders from highly competitive fields. The book shows you how and why to avoid falling into the trap of seeing competition as cutthroat and threatening, instead creating a new positive approach! While this book is targeted to women, it is also valuable for men as it explores skills that are critical to all successful professionals.

Collaborative CompetitionTM will accelerate career growth through:

  • Cultivating the strategic mindset and a personalized, healthy approach to competition
  • Forming partnerships with pacers who provide feedback, challenges, advice, and support
  • Managing challenging people and situations and turning stressful situations into competitive advantages

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"This book is a must read for every woman who Hates office politics!!!!!!! Kathryn addressed one of the career limiting issues many women experience as she shares her research, perspective and best practices of how to navigate, compete and thrive in the business environment."
— Jean M. Otte, founder and CEO Author, A changing the Corporate Landscape WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.

KC Mayer "In the current economy, professionals are fighting for career survival and the politics have become even more ruthless. Collaborative CompetitionTM teaches women how to compete fearlessly and perform at their optimum level while maintaining their authentic personalities."
— Jeffrey McDermott, Former Joint Global head of Investment Banking at UBS and now Managing Partner of Greentech Capital Advisors

"Kathryn Mayer focuses on the Achilles heel for many women: how to enjoy and succeed in competitive professions. This book is a winner! Mayer provides all the scaffolding a woman leader needs to assess preferences and blind spots, and to build and execute a plan for changing both feelings and actions that get in the way of success! This really is a must-have for women who want help in pursuing their dreams."
— Victoria J. Marsick, Professor, Adult Learning & Leadership, Department of Organization & Leadership, Columbia University, Teachers College and principal in Partners for Learning and Leadership

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NEW! Hear Kathryn in action on Women's Radio and see her on Youtube!